Grays Club Lambs was started from the original ewes my dad possessed, which went back to the PC Walters flock. As I started showing sheep, I slowly took over the flock and added top notch genetics including many ewes and rams from the Dale Family.   Today the flock consist of 40 black face ewes that go back to Dale genetics and 30 recipient ewes.  My dad and I get busier each year, so we have utilized AI and flushing donors to shorten our lambing window and improve our genetics.  My ewe base has been doing very well for me the last couple years on the national, state, and local levels of competition. 

I would like to thank Brad Dale for helping me put together my flock and giving me guidance along the way.  I would also like to thank Brad and Deb Ott for allowing me to intern with them in the Spring of 2010.  I learned a lot about the show lamb industry from them and was able to experience many different events that occurred within the sheep industry. 
***Grays Club Lambs is in central Iowa conveniently located 30 minutes north of Dales, 30 minutes west of Schminkes, and 30 minutes east of McIlraths.****